The first time

The kiss is always what does it for me. You know when you kiss someone for the first time right away if you’re going to connect or end up wanting to move forward with whatever it is you are doing with the other person. It’s a sort of connection of the souls. If I like the way they kiss, I’m in trouble. And oh boy did I like the way this man kissed. A lot too much. It was heated and intimate. There was so much passionate in it that it threw me for a loop every time our lips met. His hands knew just where to go; How to caress. I couldnt help but melt and be putty in his hands and want more. 

The day after he saw me at work it was arranged that we were going to meet up. Or rather me come over to his house under the guise that I was meeting up with my sister in law to see her and the kids for the day, so I’d be busy and very unlikely to answer my phone quickly. It was the perfect cover. I felt bad that I used that, but I wanted this and him. I needed him. My lust at this point after the previous day knew no bounds. 

I arrived at his house and he met me outside and brought me in. The second his door closed behind us and I set my phone and wallet down, those delicious lips were on mine again and those hands in all the right places pulling me closer. I could feel my pulse racing already and I couldn’t help but moan quietly. I could hardly keep myself from ripping his clothes off already. But I wanted this to be slower. More sensual. Not just a quick fuck like I got at home. Little to No foreplay or intimacy.. this is what I wanted. The kissing and touching and lip biting. 

If worn my cutest bra and panties and as he worked my shirt and shorts off, he even stopped to admire then and kiss down my stomach, teasing me and commenting on how cute they were. He made me turn around for a brief moment and made not of how they made my ass look. The amount he was feeding into my ego was ridiculous. I felt like a new woman. Sexy. Hot. Desirable. I hadn’t felt like that, like REALLY felt like that in a long while. I think that’s why I liked it so much and I wanted more. 

Kyle stripped me bare and threw me on the bed aggressively. My breathing as fast already and I was soaking wet. His fingers had already been exploring my body as hed kissed me. I didnt know what ti expect next. Was he going to take me already? Did he intend to take me right then and there? Or would he take it slower like he had been already? Either way, I was excited and ready for more. 

We went slow, and had sex for hours. He came about 3 different times. Me? I had to have gotten off aboit 5 different times. Which for me is like.. unheard of. Men can’t do that with me. They’re lazy most of the time or don’t quite know what they’re doing. Woman too to be honest. I haven’t found anyone yet who’s had such an easy time. But this man. A god with his hands, that’s what this man was. He gave me no time to recover and once he was done doing one thing to me it was straight onto the next. 

He was rough and yet tender at the same time and he made it hard to not go back for more each time. We only paused once here and there for a little bit. Watching YouTube videos while he recovered. But just as I thougght he couldn’t her more intriguing he did. I’d noticed a guitar sitting in the corner of his room when we first came in but it didn’t occur to me that he really knew how to play it, and well. 

Kyle sat back down on the bed next to me and began strumming along to familiar tunes that I’d heard from the radio so many times before. He bobbed his head to the beat and began humming along. I couldn’t tell you now which song it was because there were many to follow, but it was joyous just the same. He began singing soon after starting to strum. Let me tell you, this voice? So gorgeous and… raspy? No raspy isn’t the right way to describe it. It was warm and inviting. Every note was perfect. High and low. I couldn’t help but sit there and watch him. He was so into it and his passion was undeniable. 

I feel that with this guy I may be in trouble. I get attached easily, and the more attached I get the more I want. And dear god do I want more. Not even just the sex. He’s weird and funny and he’s got one hell of an imagination and mind. A teacher for troubled youth no less. I swore I wouldn’t get too into him, only sex and a good friend. He swore he wouldn’t ghost on me either after any of this. And so far? He’s made good on that. It’s been almost 2 weeks now… And god the sex.. 


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