Lust and Taboo

I’m a self proclaimed size queen. Not one of those girls that you have to be 10 inches or more to please, but bigger has always definitely been better in my book. It gives the ability to hit ALL the right places at once and I loved it when it was deep inside me. Smaller men, while they do tend to put in my effort, just never seemed to be able to hit the right spots. It was always boring and unsatisfying because they weren’t able to do the right thing. Or hit the right spots. 

The nice thing about my boyfriend is that he is very well endowed. And he knew what to do with it. The sex was always hot and he always hit the right places. Always. 

I’m not a hard woman to please. As long as I’m satisfying my partner and I know they like what I’m doing, they’re more than happy with the outcome of the sex, I’ve done my job and I’m going to be more than satisfied even if I didn’t manage to get off myself. I’m a giver. I love receiving but I love making the other person feel good even more. 

The turn off to my current relationship? He doesn’t want me most of the 5inem he wants someone else. A woman or a man. He’s bored of me and my body and he makes the painfully obvious. It’s to the point that I’m starting to wonder if I’m getting a mental block from it. On a regular basis I tend to have a hard time getting wet and staying wet, even if I really really want it. Sloppy drunk and Randy as fuck, I’m dry as a whistle. With him anyway. But not with Kyle. 

With Kyle I’m wet the second he walks in the door and kisses me. Soaking even. My legs are almost like a literal waterfall and I have to change my panties if  something isn’t done about it. I can’t contain myself when I’m talking to him and I find myself touching my pussy on a regular basis trying to satiate the urges I’m getting. But he’s smaller; almost under average size even. And yet his cick fills me with more urges than my boyfriend’s ever has ever since that first time we fucked. The sex with him has been out of this world even. The spots he pinpoints and hits are perfect, and I’ve noticed now that the sex with my boyfriend that I have just honestly doesn’t feel that great… at all. The last 2 times ibe put on a show for him, but I was really just ready for him to be done. With kyle… I can’t seem to get enough.

Maybe it’s  the allure that what I’m doing with him is taboo. The fact that there is every chance I’ll get caught in the act with how risky I’m being. It’s so hot thinking that we are getting away with it. I sit right behind my boyfriend as he’s playing his video games on his computer and sext Kyle. Send him make pictures of my body and even lingerie pictures that I took with him in mind. And all the while my boyfriend is none the wiser. 

This last Wednesday was a marathon. Non stop sex all day long. And I do mean all day. Except for maybe a brief pause for food, something to drink, and catch your breath snuggles and music. It was hot and steamy and we even did some of the most taboo things.

He got a phone call while we were in our post sex stage. Teasing eachother. It was his mother. I got the evil idea of going down on him while they talked for a minute. He had the hardest time keeping the his time even and moan off his breath. It was so hot. And after it was made into a joke! Hed been conflicted the whole time my lips were wrapped around his cock, sucking and licking. On one hand, he had this hot girl devouring him and loving every second of it. On the other, his mom was on the line and that was not hot. We laughed so hard but only so long before I felt the ache to have him in my mouth again and to make him moan. He got his revenge ten fold though. Twice. 

My boyfriend is just about as clingy of a person as I am. When he’s at work and I’m at home he’s nearly constantly texting me, wanting my attention or calling me. I managed to get around the texts the entire time we were fucking. Coming up with some excuse or other as to why I wasn’t answering for some periods of time. But there were times, like when he called in the middle of us doing things that I couldn’t ignore him. He’d get suspicious. The first time, we had just started again.. It had to have been out 4th time already. He called and I had to stop Kyle so I could flip over on my stomach and grab my phone off the side of the bed to answer him. Kyle thought it’d be funny to see how I’d react if he just slipped him cock inside my pussy while I was talking to him for a second. I think he’d half expected me to smack him or push him away. He started out slow and probing. Almost ad if he was testing the waters or teasing me. I didn’t do abything to stop him tho. I strained to keep my voice even and to get my boyfriend off the phone as quickly as humanly possible. The longer I was on the phone the deeper Kyle plunged his dick into me and the faster he moved making it harder and harder to keep moans from my voice the longer that time passed. He even leaned into my free ear and moaned softly, nibbling just the tiniest bit. I felt like I was going to explode and that id give myself away for sure. But I managed to get that man off the phone and returned to my previous task of pleasure. We both came, and hard. 

The whole day was nothing but a blur of sex and lust. He had the mouth of a god and enchanted fingers. The last time we were fucking before he went to leave my boyfriend called yet again. But this time he was determined to not get off the phone with me. Kyle fucked me the entire time I was trying to coax him off the phone, and, eventually, we both came while I remained stuck with this clingy man who was suppose to be working on the phone. It was hot, knowing that kyle had filled my pussy to the brim with his cum with my boyfriend right there. The taboo and thrill of having gotten away with it was unbearable but the annoyance that he wouldn’t leave me alone so that I had the chance to kiss him and tell him in the lustiest way i could was just as overwhelming. 

Instead I pecked Kyle on the lips, watched him get dressed and allowed him to tease me more, causing my lust to flare up once more. I watched as he walked out the door and got in his truck. All the while humoring my chatty boyfriend. He didn’t even seem to notice a damn thing, and contently settled for talking at me as he always did. 

That night my boyfriend came home, had an expensive dinner with me and then fucked my brains out. Or attempted to anyway. He didn’t last long, and the effort he put in was very little. Still, I put on a show and stroked his ego. Acted as if his cock was the most amazing thing and that I couldn’t get enough of it. I feel bad admiring this, but the entire time I was just wishing it was Kyle. The sensations of pleasure were so much more when it was him and I was noticing more and more how little I actually got out of what we have actually been doing for the lastvteo years. The only time he really put effort in was when someone else was involved. The rest of the time I was stuck with quickies and what I assumed half the time was him hate fucking me recently because he was almost as sexually frustrated as I was from wanting someone else. He always wanted someone else. Even when all I wanted was him. All I ever wanted was him. Until now that is. 


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